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The Throwback

Hey there,

I am sure that by now you have noticed the throwback in fashion and music. I mean who isn't excited about Backstreet Boys or Spice Girls reunion? (if you're an N*Sync fan, stop reading here. Just kidding.) Gimme all the front row tickets. We have reached an age where we can FINALLY say "I wore that" to those "vintage" tees or those stretchy fabric Steve Madden Slinky platforms. Raise your hand if you wore them? The fashion you wore in junior high/high school is back and it's still as beautiful as ever.

I've often heard that everything in life usually makes a full circle and comes right back around especially in both of those arenas (music & fashion). I like to think that music and fashion are life- Let's dig into the vibeage. So besides the Backstreet Boys, what's back?

Platforms- Everyone had a pair of those cuties! They were all different but featured that ole' platform that my 6th grade self could never get enough of...Raise your hand if you agree! Don't be shy, I know you're sitting there nodding your head. Well, you are in LUCK. Platforms are back and just as stylish as they were then. Anything with a platform is trending, from a heavy boot to a cute platform sandal. Like these cuties here: Girl Platform Shoes

Straight leg/Boot Cut/Bells - How do you take your denim? My recent trip to Vegas for market opened my eyes to the return of straight leg, boot cut and bell denim. I fell in love with every piece of beautifully crafted denim and couldn't help but get super giddy to see it making a comeback. Personally, boot cut was my favorite back in the day. As I have gotten older, I really am loving bells, however, being 5'3'' they don't exactly do me any favors. Regan is wearing a cute pair that is subtle and perfect for the office or a casual day. Grab them here Sloane Bootcut Jeans

It's about to get graphic- Graphic tees are back! P.A.R.T.Y! I Love graphic tees. I remember the trips to the mall and loading up on all the graphic tees.?Please tell me you saved a few because you knew this day would come?  If not, we've got your back with throwback tees. This Pink Floyd tee  is AMAZING! Grab it here: Floyd White Tee

Welp, that's it. Time for a trip to Mom and Dad's house to collect all of the butterfly clips, Teen Bop magazines and relive my teenage years for a quick 2 seconds.  These looks are so easy. Grab them before someone else does.