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Vibeage's Fashion Forecast 2018

Hey gals,

I am back from ATL!! It was such an amazing trip! I found some new lines and lots of goodies that will be hitting our racks soon. The market buildings were HUGE and a bit overwhelming but a few walks through and I was shopping like I had been there 1000 times.  The city was beautiful but the humidity could literally KILL you. It was so stinkin' hot!!!! AMAZING eats (foodies this is a great city) and lots of beautiful buildings and things to see. I definitely recommend visiting. So back to what this post is REALLY about because if we're being honest, I can talk about food and clothes ALLLLLLLL day. 

Let's talk about upcoming trends-- YAY!! Fall fashion is right around the corner--can I get a whoop whoop????

Jump On The Trend---Jumpsuits

One BIG trend we are going to see A LOT more of is jumpsuits with various cuts and styles. Jumpsuits are a fun piece to own and they are easily styled. They also are very comfortable, which is something that we can ALL appreciate.

Let's get vertical---Bold,colorful stripes-mostly vertical

Pops of color soon will be appearing in stores all over but it's not the color you're used to. You're going to start seeing more vertical striped BOLD colored tops--think striped candy ribbon. I am obsessed with this fun color/design trend. You will see the bright pinks and beautiful blue hues right now and browns, yellows, and greens for the fall--think rich, deep hues.

Blaze a trail---Blazers 

You'll see lots of people polishing up their simple looks with a fun printed blazer or the traditional black. They're back and honestly, I'm not sure why they ever went away! Simple white tee, jeans, flats and a cute blazer are timeless (in my opinion). A staple for any pinterest lovin' gal. 

Got Bling?---Jewelry

We love jewelry-think fun & flirty for the summer. Bold colors and statement pieces are what you will see now. As we go into fall, large flat, metal pieces.Gold is huge right now and will be moving forward. Boho style jewelry is also going to be big-- honestly, when is it not????

Make for walkin'---Shoes

Let's face the reality of it, the bootie trend has been around for quite a while. From heeled booties to flat booties, we have seen them all. I did notice that there are more "shoe-booties." I am almost positive that there is a actual fashion name for these but it's early and I'm only 1 cup deep in coffee right now.. sooo yeah. Also, bold booties with plenty of detail-- studs, woven detail, zippers-- all the edgy vibes.

Loungin' Around---Sweaters/Sweatsuits/All things comfy

I saw like a million sweaters and felt like I was gonna die it was so hot in Atlanta, but I'm not talking about the cute sweater that you wear for family pics, nope, not that one. I'm talking about that big oversize sweater that you wear when you binge watch Real Housewives (BTW--I shopped in the same jewelry store with Porscha Williams from RHOA-- I was totally freaking out-- is she like a REAL celebrity? I don't know but I acted like she was.) that may or may not have bleach stains and a few holes.The one your husband hates and wishes you would throw away but hey he doesn't do the laundry sweater.  You know-- THE sweater. Anyway, sweaters with raw edges, holes and some totally plain ones with no real detail but in cute colors. There are also matching joggers--YAY! I LOVE super super casual lounge wear that doubles as street wear. 

Palette of Trends---Color trends/Prints

I told you a little about the candy striped colors that I saw which includes pinks and blues. I also saw a TON of mustard/greenish/yellowish hue. Pantone calls is Ceylon yellow (just google it). It was everywhere!!!! I LOVE mustards and yellows but I did notice many gals shied away from it last fall. I am not sure why but it's a HUGE color and you should wear it. Plus, yellow makes you happy, so, there's that. There's also lots of deep emerald/green colors, orange, red (of course), burgundy, a brown but not like regular brown (meerkat--according to Pantone) and then all of your usual staple colors of black/grey/taupe/navy/white.

Ruffle feathers---Ruffle Tops

Lastly, I saw endless variations of ruffles. I cringed so many times but I actually saw some cute pieces. Beware of the ruffle! You will be seeing lots of ruffle cap sleeved tops, ruffles running down the sides of tops, solid tops with ruffle bottoms/trim.I will say, it's a lot more subtle than the giant sleeves we have been seeing in stores lately. Smaller ruffles that you can actually function in, not like wearing layered bell bottoms on your arm type ruffles. That's just to name a few of the ways I saw them. 

Well there you have it gals, my observations for the upcoming fashion and color trends. Some of these new fashion colors and trends can be a little scary and out of your comfort zone but if you have the opportunity TRY them on in store. So often we have people say, "Oh, I can't wear that." "That won't look good on me." "That's not my style." They try things on and it becomes their FAVORITE piece. I urge you to step out of your comfort zone with your vibeage from time to time because you might surprise yourself. Your VIBEAGE is important!!!! Be sure to sign up for our newsletter to be in the know and see all of the new goodies as they come in.

See ya soon!!!!